Typo in CrossFit.com ‘Workout of The Day’ Results in 7,000 Cases of Rhabdomyolysis

In an apparent publishing oversight Wednesday, CrossFit.com published a workout that has led to the hospitalization of an estimated 7,000 people with rhabdomyolysis. The workout, known among CrossFit participants as “Cindy,” is a combination of push-ups, pull-ups, and squats, typically performed for 20 minutes.

The error, which went unnoticed by CrossFit officials for 12 hours after the workout was posted, stated that the workout was to be performed for 200 minutes.

“I just didn’t notice the extra zero when I typed it out,” says Jim Craig, a CrossFit intern tasked with publishing the Workout of the Day on CrossFit.com.

“We always knew people would try to do any workout we published. We just didn’t think about what that might lead to,” a CrossFit spokesperson said.

CrossFit is asking that anyone experiencing symptoms of rhabdo, which include severe full-body soreness and dark-colored urine, report to their local emergency room immediately.