Local CrossFit Athlete Injured After Slipping in His Own Beard Oil

A local CrossFit athlete is in stable condition after experiencing a serious injury Saturday. Decklan Smith was preparing for his workout when tragedy struck.

“I was tying my man-bun, when I slipped in a small puddle of what turned out to be my own beard oil,” Smith explained.

Smith was standing near his waxed-canvas gym bag when the fall occurred, and his head made contact with his unopened bottle of local cold-brew coffee. He was knocked unconscious immediately.

Smith’s trainer, Todd Kerns, saw Smith fall and immediately called 911.

“This is the fourth time this has happened,” Kerns said.

In an incident earlier this month, Smith was removing his V-neck shirt next to an oscillating fan in the gym when his handlebar mustache was caught in the blades.

Early reports indicate that the NSCA will be publishing a study later this month describing the incident as a “CrossFit injury.”