Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research Celebrates Third Consecutive Month of Not Publishing Fraud

Colorado Springs, CO – The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is honored to announce the celebration of its third consecutive month of not publishing fraudulent, fabricated, or ethically questionable studies in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (JSCR).

This milestone will be formally celebrated during the awards banquet at the 40th Annual NSCA National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. On hand for the ceremony will be NSCA Board President Dr. Gregory Haff, and JSCR Editor-in-Chief William Kraemer.

NSCA Publications Director Keith Cinea acknowledges that ethical publishing practices represent a new and risky direction for the organization’s journal.

“It will certainly change the way we handle submitted research papers,” Cinea told reporters. “We aren’t even sure what to do with our editorial staff, since their positions have historically been used to massage submitted studies until they promote NSCA viewpoints.”

Speaking on the Journal’s recent accomplishment, Kraemer admitted it wasn’t an easy feat.

“As Editor-in-Chief, I understand that the primary purpose of the JSCR is to give the NSCA the appearance of scientific and academic authority. If you think that’s an easy job I’ve got some ocean-front property in New Mexico to sell you,” he told reporters.