Shooting Competition’s Decision to Award Barbells as Prizes Sparks Outrage

The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) announced earlier this week that it will be awarding the winners of its 2017 National Championship with Rogue Fitness barbells. The decision has resulted in backlash from USPSA fans, with thousands signing a petition and threatening to boycott sponsors of the event. Many in the shooting community see the prize as an endorsement of dangerous and extreme fitness programs.

“As the title sponsor of the USPSA National competition, we unfortunately do not have input regarding other partners or promotions,” said Precision Arms in a statement provided to USA TODAY. “While we understand some USPSA members engage in fitness training, we do not agree with this decision, particularly in light of the current mood towards extremely dangerous programs such as CrossFit.”

“As a reward for marksmanship, you can potentially give yourself and your friends rhabdo?” USPSA devotee Jaimie Dillon wrote. “After the Oregon Ducks were hospitalized with rhabdo, I hardly feel bringing something as controversial as barbells into the competition is in the spirit of this community. Shameful.”

The event is scheduled for May 17-21, and as of now, there is no sign that the USPSA has changed its decisions regarding the controversial prize.