Affiliates Rush to Purchase Essential Fitness Equipment After Learning Open Will Require Weights

Earlier this week, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro posted a photo of dumbbells to his Instagram account with the chalk caption, “You’ve been warned.”
Castro is known for using Instagram to hint at equipment and movements for various CrossFit events. With the Open looming, CrossFit affiliates quickly took notice.
“CrossFit HQ clearly doesn’t care about the financial and logistical demands this unorthodox equipment will put on our gym,” said Todd Ferguson, owner of CrossFit Mediocrity in Seattle, Washington.

While some CrossFit affiliates consider weights to be a staple of training equipment, Ferguson considers them a novelty reserved for gyms that cater to elite athletes.

“The Open is supposed to be accessible to everyone,” Ferguson said. “What will they require next? Medicine balls? Pull-up bars?”
Ferguson’s frustration was shared by other affiliates, many of whom believe that the dumbbell was invented by Rogue Fitness under Castro’s instructions for the 2017 Open.
We asked Bill Henniger, owner of Rogue Fitness, about this rumor.
“That’s not true,” Henniger told us. “In fact, dumbbells have been a feature of workouts since the website launched in 2001.”
We were unable to confirm Henniger’s claim. As for his business, he says Castro’s Instagram has had an impact on sales.
“This time of year, it doesn’t matter what Dave posts,” Henniger said. “It could be a carton of milk, and people start calling us and asking if we sell it.”