Trainer’s Attempt to Coach Wife During Workout Ends in Divorce

Charlotte, North Carolina –– Things heated up in a South Charlotte gym this Thursday when trainer Mark Hudson began coaching a group of athletes that included his wife, Karen.

“The workout included power snatches,” said one witness who wishes to remain anonymous. “Karen was having trouble with her movement, and I saw Mark walk over to start coaching her. I immediately thought, ‘Oh no.’”

Sources tell us the young couple has been doing CrossFit together for over a year, but this was Karen’s first exposure to being corrected by her husband.

“It went bad fast,” said another witness. “He was asking her not to pull with her arms, and she was yelling that she wasn’t pulling with her arms. She was, but he should have just walked away right then.”

Another trainer at the gym, Mike Hernandez, tried to intervene.

“I came over to see if I could help,” Hernandez said. “But by that point they were arguing about whether Karen’s hips were hitting full extension or not. She was screaming at him, and he threw his hands up in the air and walked away.”

The couple filed for divorce the next morning, clearly unable to repair the damage caused by one hour of artificial authority Hudson exerted over his wife.

Experts unanimously recommend not coaching your spouse, though this is a warning the couple clearly ignored.