Loren Cordain Releases Long-Awaited Title: “The Paleo Diet Plus Beer”

After spending three decades encouraging us to eat like cavemen, Dr. Loren Cordain has decided to design a diet that people will actually follow. Enter “The Paleo Diet Plus Beer.”

Cordain, Professor Emeritus at Colorado State University and author of several books many people claim to have read, is best known as a founding father of the Paleo movement. Cordain originally prescribed a “Paleo diet” consisting of meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit–with no sugar or refined carbohydrates. As eating Paleo became mainstream, however, what constituted a Paleo diet changed.

“We told people to eat salmon and brussels sprouts and some !*#$&## took that to mean ‘Paleo bacon brownies.’ Do these people really believe three tablespoons of maple syrup is better for them than a Coca-Cola?”

As he approached retirement, though, financial concerns crept into Cordain’s mind. The professor considered trying a new approach after several long talks with his wife.

Cordain asked himself, “What do modern-day cavemen eat? To find out, he engaged in six months of intensive study in cultural anthropology at CrossFit Hunter Gatherer in Portland, Oregon.

“At the gym barbecue, one subject consumed an entire nacho platter, seven tequila shots and four glazed ‘Paleo’ donuts. The next morning he asked his trainer why he didn’t have abs yet, since he did CrossFit and always ate strict Paleo. While an extreme case, he was representative of the cohort.”

The experience left a deep impression on Cordain. If the most devoted practitioners of the diet were not in fact following it, what could be done? Finally, he devised a compromise solution:

“If I let you have beer, will you stop making ‘Paleo desserts’? I’d like to spear hunt whomever came up with that term.”

Cordain’s latest, ‘The Paleo Diet Plus Beer,’ is available in stores Feb. 19.