Guy Who Does Mobility Work for Hours After Class Is Actually Just Homeless

Denver, Colorado–– 29-year-old Jason Schuyler, known for his extended “mobility” sessions conducted in the corner of his local CrossFit affiliate, has been identified as homeless. Affiliate owner Jen Thompson first became suspicious of Schuyler’s housing status after noticing his habit of spending long periods of time in the gym, well after his class was over.

“He would just lay in the corner with a foam roller for hours,” Thompson said. “Sometimes he would be doing something that looked like stretching or foam-rolling his muscles, but often it was clear he was just killing time. I started wondering if maybe he just didn’t have a place to go.”

Two days ago, Thompson’s suspicions were confirmed when she saw Schuyler pan-handling in the city of Boulder. “Suddenly it all made sense” Thompson said.

Schuyler says his homelessness is more of a lifestyle choice than most think. “I just like the freedom of it man. The whole world is my CrossFit gym,” he told The Overheard Press.

Schuyler was later seen drinking Starbucks Coffee and talking on his iPhone 7 before pulling out a hand-made cardboard sign that read “Will do burpees for cash.”