Effeminate Man Speaks out After Being Rejected on Dating Site by CrossFit Veteran Emily Abbott

Seattle– Yoga practitioner and amateur photographer Dave Shelby is speaking out after being told he wasn’t masculine enough for a female CrossFit Games Athlete.

Shelby, 26, shared a screenshot of the infuriating comments online Monday.  “This is the kind of crap I have to put up with,” He said while sipping a lemon kombucha. “So what If I enjoy wearing scarves with v-neck t-shirts?”

The woman, identified as Emily Abbott, sent Shelby two messages complaining about his effeminate, stereotypically hipster appearance. “Unfortunately I’m not attracted to men who look like they would want to borrow my skinny jeans,” she wrote, adding that she was looking for a “real man.”

Abbott continued to criticize Shelby in a second message.

“You’re really fashionable and all… But not a very masculine man.. I prefer a real man,’ Abbott added. ‘Not just a man who dresses like a skinny lumberjack, but one who could actually pick up an axe and chop down a tree.”

Shelby’s followers on Instagram, both male, female, and androgynous, expressed their dismay in the comments.