Local Fitness Competition Raises 200k to Feed Runway Models

New York, NY – A local CrossFit gym has raised over $200,000 to feed hungry runway models in New York City. Gretchen Grant owns Next Top CrossFit and says she got the idea after talking to an old friend from college.

“She was talking about the 400 calorie-per-day diet she was about to go on, hoping that starving herself for a few weeks would allow her to land another modeling gig,” Grant explained. “Right then I decided that we should raise some money and awareness for the hungry runway models suffering right here in New York.”

Grant said Next Top CrossFit’s competition, Muscle-ups for Malnourished Models, was a resounding success. “We raised way more money than we expected,” Grant explained. “100% of the funds will go toward feeding undernourished women who, without our help, would eat nothing but watercress and low-fat milkshakes disguised as coffee.”

Next Top CrossFit be spending the money on meals to hand out at this year’s New York Fashion Week. The meals will be composed of steak and broccoli and will reportedly contain roughly 3 days worth of calories and over 8 months worth of nutritional value for the average runway model.