Trainer Claims CrossFit is Dangerous, Recommends Constantly Varied Functional Movement at High Intensity Instead

While CrossFit participation is growing worldwide, some exercise professionals are warning of the risks associated with the program.

“CrossFit is known for getting people hurt,” Says Geoff Lloyd, a certified trainer with the Association of Highly Accredited Trainers (ASSHAT). “They created a program for elite athletes but regular people shouldn’t be doing kipling pull-ups, power squats, or kettleball swings. These are high-risk movements, period.”

Lloyd has not attended a CrossFit L1, but he says he has analyzed everything taught by CrossFit through extensive Youtube research. Instead of taking on the risks of CrossFit, He recommends his own program, LloydFit, which uses a variety of functional movements performed at high-intensity.

“The idea is to build up to where you are doing movements from everyday life with faster speeds and heavier loading. It’s a progression, which is exactly the opposite of what you see people doing in CrossFit.”