Novice Athlete Calls out Rx Competitors in Local Fitness Comp

After winning the novice-category snatch ladder with a triumphant, screaming press-out of 185 lb., former bodybuilder Derek “Flex” LaChance called out those lifting later in the local fitness competition.

“I’ve been at this for two months, so they made me go novice, but I can hang with the Rx boys,” LaChance said loudly to no one in particular while drinking a protein shake handed to him by a less ripped member of his entourage.

“I bet I can beat most of the Rx scores in all the events,” he continued, “and if bench press comes up, it’s over. Yeah, baby—ain’t nuthin’ but a peanut.”

LaChance’s mood soured considerably when two Rx competitors tied for first in the snatch ladder with lifts of 260 lb.

Later in the competition, the former Mr. Southwest County was further enraged by a series of no-reps on air squats and was last seen failing pull-ups after opening with an unbroken set of 8.