Games Hopeful Revolutionizes Instagram Shake Mixing With Dutch Angle

After 70 unbroken days of posting an Instagram video in which she mixed a protein shake, CrossFit Games hopeful Jenna Daily of Missouri experimented with new filming techniques to “#shakethingsup,” so to speak.

“My supplement sponsor, Sketchy Nutrition, is just so amazing,” she said while sipping a post-workout shake with just a dash of pre-workout to help her prep for her fourth “sesh” of the day. “They give me a 15 percent discount on protein powder and one free T-shirt to wear at regionals, so I feel like it’s the least I can do to post the daily videos demanded by my five-month contract.”

Usually choosing to prop her unfocused cell phone up in the exact same place before mixing the exact same shake every day, Daily happened upon the canted angle when she accidentally set one corner of the phone on a fractional plate used in her somewhat famous “Fran @ 66.5 lb.” video. The resulting shake-mixing video was optimized with the ultra-cool Mayfair filter and deemed an artistic breakthrough when it received seven likes as opposed to the standard six.

Unsure of how this new technique would fit into her oeuvre, Daily proceeded to film her next three workouts at a Dutch angle, but she was disappointed when poor composition put her out of the frame for a PR on a complex of 3 snatch balances, 2 hang snatches and 1 squat jerk followed by 7 overhead lunges (per leg, alternating at 30X1 tempo).

At press time, the firebreathing filmmaker was feeling so confident about her recent canted shake-mixing video that she chose to branch out and apply the very finicky but daring Clarendon filter. She promised the new technique would also be applied to upcoming selfies but was unsure how the angle would affect her standard duck-lips head tilt.

“I guess we’ll all have to wait and see how it goes. I’ll think about it while I enjoy this awesome protein shake from Sketchy Nutrition. #sponsored.”