Athlete Aims to Squat to Depth When Coach is Within 25 Foot Radius

Audrey Parker of Indiana recently admitted she’ll only hit full depth in squatting movements if a coach is within 25 feet. The distance was selected after a lot of research and careful consideration, she said.

“Eighty percent of coaches won’t no-rep you from 25 feet away. They’ll get closer to confirm what they think they saw, and when they move in, I squat deeper,” she explained.

Parker said the distance reflects her 6,000-square-foot home box, and she’d adjust it “closer to 15 feet” if training in a facility half the size. Size, she noted, often doesn’t matter: She’ll also use architectural features such as pillars and even squat racks to block a trainer’s view during workouts including Karen and Nasty Girls.

“CrossFit is a game of inches,” Parker said, “and if I can save 1 inch every rep, I’m probably cruising into PR city with the top down.”

Sources close to Parker stated it’s also likely she shaves reps and only does “about 11” squats in any round of Cindy.