CrossFit Woman Describes Herself as ‘Follower of Jesus’; Assures Fans Instagram Account Still Dedicated to Exhibiting Her Breasts and Buttocks

Orlando– Lindsey Moore, a two-time CrossFit Games Regional competitor, has edited her Instagram profile to describe her as a “Follower of Jesus.” Moore, who hit 300k Instagram followers on Monday, says the update to her profile was part of a desire to make her faith known to her fans.

“I identify as a Christian, but I prefer to use ‘Jesus follower’ because it sounds more edgy and authentic,” Moore told us.

The CrossFit Games hopeful typically spends 3-4 hours each day choosing the right photo and Instagram filter to display her mostly-naked body on the internet, and has assured her fans that her public expression of faith won’t change anything about her outfits or choice of camera angle.

“I want to inspire people to be healthier and fitter, and I think the best way to do that is to regularly post gratuitous photos of myself training in sports underwear. I think that’s what Jesus would want.”

When asked how her Christian faith as impacted her life, Moore pulled off her shirt and showed us a tattoo on her ribs that reads “John 3:16.”

“This tattoo looks great in shots where I show side-boob,” She explained.

The 23-year-old athlete recently received a non-monetary sponsorship from the swimwear company Barbaric Bikinis and has been promoting their products, and her perineum on Instagram.

“I really feel blessed to have a platform for reaching out to so many people.”