Kellogg’s Breakfast Cereal Characters to be Official Mascots of ACSM’s 64th Annual Meeting

The American College of Sports Medicine announced today that Tony the Tiger, The Trix Rabbit, and Tucan Sam would be among the official mascots of the ACSM’s Annual Meeting, and World Congress on Exercise is Medicine.®

The meeting, which brings together over 6,000 fitness professionals from around the world, will be held in Denver, Colorado in late May. The ACSM touts the event as “Internationally recognized as the place to hear leading experts in the latest industry-funded research.”

Lectures offered during the week-long event include titles such as “Energy Balance: How Increased Activity Turns Lucky Charms Into a Magically Delicious, and Healthy Breakfast.”

The announcement is part of a sponsorship deal with both Kellogg’s and General Mills, and follows a cutback in Coca-Cola funding to the organization.

“Coca-Cola has taken a lot of heat for funding soda-friendly science that protects their products from criticism” Said Bruce Lindsey, ACSM Vice President of Suspicious Relationships. “We want to send the sugar industry a message that no matter how bad things get, we are here to offer them the best science money can buy.”