CrossFit Coach Fires Client for Constantly Referring to Movements by Incorrect Names

A Minneapolis area CrossFit gym caused a stir yesterday when head coach Sara Thompson “fired” a member of her facility. The member, identified as 42-year-old Ronald Driscoll, was let go after failing to learn the names of common CrossFit movements.

Thompson says her patience was worn thing by Driscoll’s continuous inability to accurately recall the names of benchmark workouts like “Fran” or “Cindy,” as well as his failure to distinguish between movements like the jerk and snatch.

“He’s been here for over a year, and yet every single time I would write the word ‘power-clean’ on the whiteboard he would ask ‘Is that the movement where you go like this?’ and then do some ridiculous pantomime with his arms over his head.” Thompson said with a look of fatigue in her eyes. “I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

The events that lead to Driscoll being let go occurred the morning after the announcement of CrossFit Open event 17.2. “The first thing he said was ‘Boy I’m sure glad the scaled division doesn’t have to do those bar muscle-unders’,” recalled on witness. “I mean, he’s been here for longer than me. I totally understand why coach Sara sent him home.”

Thompson says that she is generally good-natured and forgiving, but was simply pushed too far.

“I’ve just couldn’t take hearing him say the word ‘Kettleball’ again.”