Overweight Powerlifter Takes Break From Doritos to Pen Article Criticizing the Zone Diet

Columbus– After nearly three days of rigorously following the Zone Diet, amateur powerlifter and occasional CrossFit participant Graham Kraakors took a break from his bag of Spicy Doritos to explain the failures of the diet protocol to the 32 friends and family members that follow his blog.

“The Zone diet underfeeds athletes, and is too complicated and structured for anyone to follow,” Kraakors wrote, orange powdered cheese clinging to his computer keyboard. “You should never be hungry as an athlete, because that means you are losing gains.”

Kraakors , who has a membership at his local CrossFit affiliate for the squat rack and reverse-hyper, began to consider the Zone diet after seeing a much lighter, leaner CrossFit athlete match his personal best on the back squat.

“When I found out that he was following the zone, I thought ‘what the hell’ and went out and bought a small scale. I had no idea I was going to have to put everything I eat on that scale before putting it in my mouth. No one should have to go through anything this,” He wrote.

Kraakors concluded his blog entry by indicating he will be experimenting with another nutritional program in the future. “I’m going to try a ‘paleo diet’ next. There is enough ambiguity there for me to continue to justify overeating and not have to face my unhealthy relationship with food.”