Overheard Press Retracts, Apologizes for Poorly-Timed Women’s Day Story on ‘Man Maker’ Exercise

We at the Overheard Press are deeply sorry for offending our audience after running a story earlier in the day that used insensitive words and phrases laden with the values of a previous time.

The article, titled ‘Fireman Displays Sportsmanship by Perfoming Man Makers as Part of Gentleman’s Agreement with Woman Doctor,’ was not published on International Women’s day intentionally, and it was an unfortunate accident that it was composed entirely of words and phrases banned by most liberal universities.

Overheard Press editor-in-cheif Bruce McConkie tweeted his apology and a brief explanation earlier today:

“We didn’t realize that the ladies would find this so offensive. Damn I did it again, I mean, uh, girls, wait- women, yes.”

The Overheard Press is committed to expressing our commitment to cultural diversity. Like all corporations, this means we will continue to cower in fear of the intolerant, vocal minorities who threaten us when we stray from their approved vocabulary.