Man Who Missed CrossFit Classes for 6 Weeks Obviously Deserves Refund

Atlanta– After six weeks of missing CrossFit classes he had already paid for, Stan Heinkel contacted the owner of his affiliate and asked for a refund.

“I’ve been really busy,” Heinkel told the Overheard Press.

“At one point I had a cold, then I went to a friend’s bachelor party and was hung-over for a few days. That’s when I decided to make the very reasonable request to have my CrossFit membership dues refunded.”

Heinkel sent an email to the owner of his gym, Jon Blakemore, who agreed to refund Heinkel’s money.

“He obviously deserved a refund. This isn’t insane at all,” Blakemore explained.

“For example, if you bought a carton of eggs from the grocery store, but let some of the eggs spoil before you ate them all, what would you do? Obviously you go back to that store and demand money for the eggs you didn’t get to eat.”

Heinkel, like many of the members at his gym, pays around two-hundred dollars per month to attend unlimited classes. Blakemore went on to explain why refunding this money isn’t an issue for him.

“If I was putting that money back into my business, or using it to feed my family, I’d probably tell him [Heinkel] to pound sand,” He said.

“But small businesses like mine are so financially secure that we simply throw membership payments into a cardboard box in the corner. His money was literally still sitting there. I just fished it out and handed it back to him, you know, since this was such a reasonable request.”