Kill Cliff Founder Markets to ‘His People,’ Drinks Now Available at Kmart, Dollar General.

In a recent interview with The Overhead Press, Kill Cliff founder Baker Leavitt discussed the company’s attempt to expand their customer base to include what Leavitt described as “his people.”

“You know– hillbillies, rednecks, white trash,” Leavitt explained. “These are my people, and I want them to know Kill Cliff products are designed for them.”

Last week, Kill Cliff signed deals with Kmart and Dollar General, which Leavitt describes as two of the most common places for poor, white Southerners to buy food and drinks.

Leavitt acknowledges that the biggest barrier to Kill Cliff’s entry into the redneck market is price. As a premium brand in the competitive exercise market, Kill Cliff beverages are priced at nearly five dollars per can.

To make the “Tasty” more affordable, Kill Cliff has partnered Remington to offer customers in his native demographic a 50% discount per case for every box of shotgun shells purchased. Leavitt is also lobbying the government to make Kill Cliff a WIC approved purchase.

While some have criticized the company’s market expansion as purely profit-driven, Leavitt insists that he hopes to help improve the health of the average redneck by giving him an alternative to corn-syrup sweetened sodas.

“My people don’t drink water,” Leavitt explained. “They don’t trust a beverage if it isn’t flavored like orange popsicles or dimetapp.”

While he knows his late entry into the subsidized food market puts his product at a disadvantage, Leavitt hopes to have the Kill Cliff brand associated with mullets and all-terrain vehicle accidents by the Fall of this year.