Study Finds 96% of Women Wearing Workout Clothes Have no Plans to Workout

The first rigorous study of women wearing workout clothes has found that the vast majority have absolutely no plans to workout. The results of the study, which was published on Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine, were presented yesterday at the annual meeting of the American College of Exercise.

The research, commissioned by The California Center for Public Health, found women frequenting Whole Foods, Target, and glue-on eyelash studios had the highest rates of what researchers are calling Wardrobe-Reality Disjunction (WRD).

“Scientists have observed WRD for some time now,” Explained Dr. Kenneth Braun, lead author of the study. “But this is the first time the phenomena has been studied in a controlled environment.”

Researchers set up data-collection booths in white, upper class shopping centers and began asking women wearing fitness attire if they had already worked out, or had any plans to workout that day.

Dr. Braun did not anticipate the level of WRD his team recorded.

“The results were amazing. The vast majority of women wearing fitness attire had no plans to workout, and were simply attempting to project an outward appearance that other women would associate with an active healthy lifestyle.”

While he cautions that there is far more research to be done, Dr. Braun is hopeful that other scientists will be able to use his data toward finding a cure for WRD.

“This is a serious condition. 10% of the women we encountered carrying yoga mats didn’t even do yoga.”