CrossFit Athlete Fails to Improve 17.4 Score on Third Attempt, Remains Hopeful for Fourth

Orlando– Amateur CrossFit competitor Jonathan Marin has attempted the CrossFit Open 17.4 workout three times, and is still unsatisfied with his score. Marin, who is currently 834th in his region, first attempted the workout on Thursday night as soon as it was announced.

“I didn’t have a good game plan going in and I only got 73 reps,” Marin told the Overheard Press. “I took some creatine and fish-oil and tried it again Friday morning.”

Unfortunately, Marin’s second attempt was an identical performance.

“I got 73 reps again. It was really frustrating.”

After soaking his body in epsom salts and taking a variety of “recovery” supplements, Marin attempted the workout a third time this morning. A member Marin’s gym who spoke to the Overheard Press described his performance.

“He sort of hobbled into the gym, and seemed really sad and tired. It was really painful to watch him struggle through the same workout for the third time. At one point our eyes met and he just looked right through me. It was like his soul was tired.”

By the end of the 13 minute workout, Marin had only managed to achieve a score of 70 reps, three reps short of his previous two attempts. He laid silently on the floor for 90 minutes before rising to begin work on a new strategy for his fourth attempt.

“I’ve just been going about this all wrong,” Marin confessed. “I think breaking up the reps into a sort of every-minute-on-the-minute format will give me a much better score.”

Despite his downward trend over the last three attempts, Marin remains hopefully optimistic that his fourth will put him in the 80-90 rep range.

“I’m really much fitter than my current score reflects. I plan to crush this workout tomorrow,” Marin said as he was carried to a friend’s vehicle and driven home.