Bodybuilder Petitions Congress to Improve Public Access to Mirrors

Amateur bodybuilder Tony Self is petitioning lawmakers to fund an effort to improve public access to reflective surfaces.

Self, who has competed in local figure competitions and runs a popular Instagram account (@Flextraordinary_Biceps), put a petition on social media last Thursday urging lawmakers to improve public access to mirrors, clean windows, and other surface for “checking oneself out.”

Senate Republicans blocked a $1.1 million funding package earlier this year that would have increased public mirror access by 30%, but still Self believes he can get the bipartisan support he needs from congress.

“Those who make gains deserve to see those veins” the petition reads. “It’s an outrage that Congress has failed to give states and localities the resources they need to allow hard-working figure competitors to gaze at ourselves in public.”

The petition states that an increase in public funding for mirrors and other reflective surfaces will help promote fitness and health in general. We asked Self to explain the reasoning behind this claim.

“The other day I was standing in line to buy grilled chicken and white rice, and I thought ‘I bet my quads look great right now.'” Self explained. “I looked around and realized there was no reflective surface to check in, so I had to ask the guy in line behind me. That’s what you asked me right?”

So far lawmakers have not responded to Self’s petition and it is unclear if the effort will receive the bipartisan support it needs.