Athlete PRs Questions to CrossFit Games Support

Early Monday, Taylor Duncan of Australia celebrated her 237th email to the CrossFit Games support team, eclipsing her 2016 record by one email with a week still to go in the Open.

“It’s been a big year for me,” Duncan said. “I was nervous going into 2016 because of the very thorough FAQ on the Games website, but I found a lot of really weird but very common issues that weren’t covered at all.”

While 2016’s campaign focused mainly on technical problems submitting scores, Duncan shifted her focus in 2017.

“I find liberal, creative interpretation of the uncommon movement clause a gold mine for stupid, annoying questions,” Duncan explained. “I have a personal coach and we devote hours each week to working around this clause.”

Duncan was disappointed in Week 1 when she learned that she would not receive credit for Games-related questions also sent to CrossFit Affiliate Support, CrossFit Journal Support, and CrossFit IP Theft, but she recovered and had sent more than 110 emails by the end of Week 2.

“I feel like a lot of things are really unclear this year,” she said. “Like rowing calories for 17.4. Am I supposed to use the rower monitor or my Fitbit to track them?”

Duncan also took repeated issue with the terms “traditional” and “standard” in the workout descriptions, and she had several questions each relating to scoring using the unary number system and times reported in hectoseconds due to her preference for metric timekeeping.

She was immediately thrilled to discover the CrossFit community talking about altitude after seeing Brooke Wells and Brenda Castro perform 17.4 in Mexico City, Mexico, and as of March 20 she had sent no less than 20 emails asking for score adjustments based on her performance of 17.4 at five different altitudes.

“You really can’t discount the effects of barometric pressure on a workout. We need to create new divisions for competitors above, below and at sea level to ensure fairness.”