Man Celebrates Completion of Paleo Challenge with ‘Cheat Night,’ Wakes up in Tijuana

Phoenix– A local man is recovering after what is being called a “cheat night gone wrong.”

Phil Gomez began his night with friends from his CrossFit gym. The group had just completed a 3-month paleo diet challenge, and decided to celebrate by going out for pizza and ice-cream, two foods that had been restricted during the challenge.

“Everything started fine. I felt in control,” Gomez explained. “I remember leaving the pizza place and going to the ice-cream store. After that everything gets fuzzy.”

Witnesses say Gomez appeared normal and in control until arriving at the ice cream store.

“We all ordered single scoops and kept the toppings to a minimum,” recalls Lisa Boyd. “Phil bypassed the ice cream counter and ordered himself an entire ice-cream cake, you know, the kind they sell for birthday parties. We thought it was a joke, until he ate the entire thing.”

It was at this point that Gomez’s friends became concerned that he was doing more than enjoying a break from his strict adherence to the paleo diet.

“We realized he was spiraling down fast, and we knew we needed to get him home,” Boyd recalls, “But he wandered into the parking lot and disappeared when we weren’t paying attention.”

After leaving his friends, Gomez seems to have headed west. Crumpled receipts and credit card records tell a story of a desperation and indulgence. Gomez apparently purchased two boxes of Hot Pockets at a grocery store in Yuma, more ice-cream in San Diego, and a box of donuts from a gas station in Chula Vista.

“I woke up outside of a frozen yogurt place in Tijuana, Mexico,” Gomez explains. “I don’t even like frozen yogurt, so I know I was desperate. I think the girl working there saw the state I was in and served me sugar-free yogurt without telling me. She probably saved my life.”