Aspiring Pornographer Rebrands Himself as ‘Fitness Photographer’

Aspiring pornographer Michael Jonathan Jones is looking to expand his portfolio to include fitness models.

Jones found his passion for photos as a child, when he first discovered a Playboy magazine under his older brother’s mattress.

“I knew from that moment on that I wanted to dedicate my life to convincing women to take their clothes off in front of my camera,” Jones said. “It’s a shame the word ‘porn’ has such a negative stigma, which is why I’m now calling it ‘partially-tasteful fitness nudity.'”

While Jones’ rebranding may look like a move toward modesty, he assures his followers that his artistic vision remains firmly rooted in the sexual exploitation of women.

“I want to push artistic boundaries. Sometimes that means photographing an athlete in clothes, but consistently pressuring her to undress. Sometimes that means telling her to tastefully cover her nudity with a medicine ball, but snapping some photos for my personal collection before she’s ready.”

Some members of the CrossFit community are concerned about having an aspiring pornographer at local fitness competitions, citing the possibility of teenage boys and girls competing in youth divisions.

Jones dismisses these concerns.

“They have nothing to worry about, if there are underage kids competing at an event, I’m not legally allowed to be within 1000 feet of the facility.”