Study Links Gym Goers Who Don’t Put Weights Away With Sexual Dysfunction

A case study of ten gym goers who frequently failed to put their own training equipment away found their behavior to be connected to erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.

The independent study, undertaken by four San Diego-based health professionals, seeks to explain being “that guy” at the gym in terms of suppressed sexual difficulties.

Published in the journal “Behavioral Sciences” in August, the study suggested health care providers need to more thoroughly investigate gym behavior when diagnosing sexual problems, noting that interviews with coaches or training partners can be helpful in identifying symptoms.

“I never felt that putting my weights away was very important,” recalls one study participant, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“I’d leave my dumbbells on the ground, the box I used for jumping pull-ups under the bar, and my bumper plates stacked in the middle of the gym. I had no idea these were outward expressions of my dysfunctional sex life and my fear of sexual inadequacy.”

The authors of the study insist that more research needs to to be done, but are confident that simply identifying the problem will help those suffering from sexual dysfunction to not be “that guy” at their gym.