Fitness Dating App Unites Singles Who Prioritize Gym Over Healthy Relationships

The newly-launched dating app, WODPartners, promises to match fitness-minded singles who share enthusiasm for rigorous training.

Sarah Holdsworth, founder of WODPartners, says her inspiration for the app came when her previous boyfriend asked her to skip the gym and take care of him while he was sick. “He had the flu, and expected me to sacrifice my training in order to meet his needs,” she explained. “That’s when I realized I needed to find a partner who was as self-centered and obsessive about training as I was.”

After searching through various dating websites, Holdsworth realized there was no easy way to tell who was wrapping his or her personal identity up in CrossFit, Obstacle Races, or Pilates classes. That’s when she started WODPartners, an app that now boasts thousands of users sharing shirtless selfies captioned with Mark Rippetoe quotes.

Though the app focuses on dating, Holdsworth hopes it will lead to long-term relationship and even marriage for some users.

“Marriage should be about using another person to bring you happiness, and that’s hard to do if that person starts to get in the way of other things that bring you happiness”