Missing Athlete’s Last Words: ‘This Workout Looks Easy’

Fort Lauderdale– Police say a missing athlete’s final text to his coach may provide clues to his whereabouts. Local law enforcement agents are investigating the disappearance of 24-year-old James Carter, who was last seen Saturday by his fiancé, Mandy Schulz.

Phone records reveal that Carter’s last text was to his CrossFit coach Lucas Burton. Burton recounted their conversation while holding back tears. “He texted me that he was going to the gym and asked for a workout suggestion. I sent him a couplet of thrusters and calories on the rower. He texted back ‘is that all?'”

Burton says he fears Carter underestimated the workout. “I told him to go hard. His final text to me just said ‘this workout looks way too easy.'”

Investigators fear Carter made the novice mistake of confusing a relatively simple workout for an easy one. “Unfortunately this happens more than people realize,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Gomez. “A relatively new CrossFitter attempts a ‘simple’ couplet and ends up unable to walk, drive, or speak afterwards. We usually find them curled up on the floorboard of their vehicle or asleep in their bathtub.”