Bachmeyer’s Inspiration For Looped Open Video From Keanu Reeves’ Film ‘Speed.’

In an exclusive interview with the Overheard Press, Trevor Bachmeyer admitted chilling new details about his strategy for cheating in the CrossFit Open.

“When HQ asked to see my 17.5 video, I knew I was in trouble,” Bachmeyer said. “I thought about hollowing out my bumper plates, but I didn’t have time. Instead I turned to the time-honored craft of movie magic.”

Bachmeyer, who has been a fan of video special effects and editing since he was a child, found his inspiration in the 1994 film ‘Speed,’ starring Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, and Sandra Bullock.

“When we saw the word ‘doctor’ on his social media accounts, we just assumed he was a chiropractor,” said a member of Bachmeyer’s gym. “You know how those guys are always trying to call themselves doctors. We had no idea he was a doctor of videos.”

The Overheard Press was able to obtain a copy of the looped video, posted below.