Retired Rich Froning Dominates Local Bowling Championship

Legendary athlete Rich Froning recently added some hardware to his trophy case after laying waste to the rest of the field in the Friday Mixed 10-Pin Division at Strikes ‘n’ Gutters Lanes in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Froning, who has won the CrossFit Games four times as an individual and twice as a member of CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, is now widely recognized as the “best bowler on Friday night by far,” according to house-league commissioner Darryl Sobchak.

Froning’s dominance comes a year after he finished second in the category, a result widely attributed to his contention that using the holes drilled into the ball is “the sissy way.” After an offseason spent training relentlessly, Froning mastered his release and now boasts an average of 254–exactly half his best Fight Gone Bad score.

Though rules dictate Froning may only use a 16-lb. ball in competition, teammate James Hobart reports the champ will regularly practice with a 30-pounder he also uses for wall-ball shots and burden runs.

The subject of the documentary “The Fittest Man in History,” Froning is currently negotiating film rights to his bowling story with CrossFit Media. Sources inside CrossFit HQ reveal Gerard Butler has already been tabbed to play Froning in the picture, which is tentatively titled “300: Rise of the Perfect Game.”

When asked about his new obsession, Froning riffed on CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman’s “World-Class Fitness in 100 Words”:

“Regularly learn, play and dominate new sports. ‘Merica.”