New CrossFit Trainer Teaches Squat as Simple, Natural Movement That Can Be Done Wrong in 97 Ways

Newly-minted CrossFit L1 Trainer Rachel Cooper has returned to her home affiliate to take charge of her gym’s New Member Class. Cooper, who has been shadowing her coaches at CrossFit Convoluted, is excited to take on the role of teaching clients all of the ways that CrossFit’s foundational movements can be done incorrectly.

“The squat is such a simple, fundamental human movement,” Cooper explained. “That’s why there are over 90 ways that it can be messed up.”

Cooper went on to explain that all human beings squat, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. “We squat every time we get on and off the toilet,” She stated in a highly original observation.

Utilizing her immense technical knowledge, Cooper has spent the last few weeks compiling simple, step-by-step instructions for performing the squat. Her list breaks the movement down into 54 unique points of performance.

“I think the most important thing in coaching is focusing on what could go wrong,” She stated.

“For example, many coaches just teach their athletes to keep their chests up. I want my new members to be worried about their breathing, their abdominal tension, the possible over-extension of their lumbar spine, the angle of their pelvic tilt, the possible over-extension of their cervical spine, and the activation of their glutes, all before they initiate the movement.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Cooper demonstrated her abilities by teaching a new group of athletes to perform the deadlift. After talking about the movement and the many ways it could be done incorrectly for roughly 20 minutes, she finally had her class perform a handful of repetitions with the PVC pipe. Cooper walked haphazardly around them as they moved, alternately yelling “get tight!” and “good job! to no one in particular.