Athlete Without Pull-Ups Will Once Again Attempt Muscle-Up

Terrence Marko once again insisted on attempting muscle-ups in class today despite the fact that he has never performed a strict pull-up or ring dip.

Marko, reached for comment shortly before the 5-p.m. class, remained confident in his abilities and said he was “really choked” by the lack of support from his coaches.

“I’m going to get one today,” Marko said. “I can feel it.”

Once the class started, Marko spent much of the warm-up avoiding conversation with coach Layne King, who eventually cornered the client and suggested scaling the movement. Marko stood his ground and stated with firm authority that he would do the day’s workout–30 muscle-ups for time–“as Rx’d.”

Marko, a veteran of three months of twice-per-week CrossFit classes, based his decision solely on the fact that “Barry from the morning class got his first muscle-up today.”

When King mentioned Marko’s complete lack of required upper-body strength, Marko shrugged off the Level 4 CrossFit Coach and former collegiate gymnast and stood resolute beneath his rings.

Once the workout started, Marko managed to pull the rings near the top of his head but was unable to complete the gymnastics movement even though observers offered precise technical cues such as “you’re so close” and “next time for sure.”

Undaunted, Marko switched to a different set of rings and added additional chalk to his hands, wrists, forearms, chest and shoulders.

“The transition is a bit sticky. I need to kip harder,” he said shortly before badly tearing his wrists.