Activists Call Froning’s Hunting Pics ‘Murderous,’ Fine With Images of Deli Meat

Cookeville, TN– Four-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning has come under blistering criticism from animal rights activists. An avid hunter, the fitness legend has used his personal Instagram account to post pictures of himself with what appear to be large, dead birds.

Shortly after he posted the first image, dozens of angry and frustrated Instagram users took to Froning’s account, expressing their feelings in comments that can only be described as light on grammatical accuracy and heavy on emojis.

“When I saw that death-glorifying picture, I was physically disgusted,” said self-described animal rights activist Natasha Carlson. “I couldn’t even finish the chicken-salad sandwich I was eating.”

Commenter Jonah Thompson expressed similar disgust: “I follow Rich for inspirational fitness stuff, not to see pictures of dead animals,” he said.

Thompson commented that he was “unfollowing” Froning in an attempt to get back at his former hero but then admitted, “I didn’t actually unfollow him, I just wanted him to hurt like he made me hurt.”

While many of Froning’s followers took to defending his hobby, the controversy came to an abrupt halt late yesterday when Froning decided to run an experiment.

“Instead of posting a picture of me standing next to my kill, I held up a bag of Boar’s Head Mesquite Turkey Breast,” Froning explained.

To Froning’s surprise, none of the animal rights activists and vegetarians who had criticized him over his previous pictures reacted negatively.

“I was completely fine with Froning’s deli meat photo,” said animal lover Heidi Avalos. “Animals shouldn’t live free only to die instantly when some brute shoots them in the head. They should be raised and killed on massive industrial farms so we don’t have to think about where our food comes from.”