Baby Selfishly Interrupts Mother’s Workout

Atlanta– Melissa Haynes expected nothing out of the ordinary when she attended the Tuesday morning 9’oclock class at her local CrossFit affiliate. As usual, Haynes brought along her 14-month-old baby, Emma.

“I strapped her into her stroller, gave her a variety of toys and snacks, and parked her in the corner of the room,” Haynes told to the Overheard Press.

While baby Emma usually remains calm for the duration of the hour-long class, this occasion was different. Emma began screaming and crying within seconds of the start of the workout.

“At first I was mad, but that changed to disappointment. I mean, this is my time, and my baby is trying to make it about her. How childish is that?”

Haynes pushed through the crying and continued her workout until other members of the gym stopped to check on her baby. A sense of guilt drove her to set down her own weights and check on the child herself.

“Thankfully Emma was fine,” said Jason McDermott, Hayne’s CrossFit Trainer. “We told her to quit acting like such a baby. I think that’s the cue that worked.”

McDermott says Haynes is a model client and should serve as an inspiration to mothers who do CrossFit everywhere.

“People think motherhood is about putting the well-being of your child before your own health and fitness, but strong, emotionally dysfunctional mothers like Melissa are proving that it doesn’t have to be that way.”