Ten Years Later, Journalist Still Insists CrossFit a Fad

Ten Years Later, Journalist Still Insists CrossFit a Fad

Carl Miller, a freelance journalist who first covered CrossFit in 2007, has doubled down on his claim that the fitness program is merely a fad.

Miller’s writing career has focused on outdoor sports and health, and he prides himself on the amount of research he does for each story.

“I was once commissioned to write a story on adventure racing,” Miller explained. “I had never heard of it, but I wasn’t about to misrepresent the sport. I dedicated a full 45 minutes to Wikipedia before I ever put pen to paper.”

When Miller first wrote about CrossFit in 2007, the fitness program was immersed in controversy. Miller didn’t know anything about CrossFit, but his journalistic instincts told him he needed to go straight to the source–a blog entry by a physical therapist who knew someone who had a friend who had tried CrossFit one time.

His conclusion was that CrossFit was nothing more than a dangerous fad.

His 2007 article stated, “While CrossFit is growing rapidly now, it will die off just as all fitness trends eventually do.”

The quality of Miller’s work, and his dedication to sifting fact from fiction led to his article being republished by Outside Magazine, Men’s Health, and a variety of magazines known for rigorous journalism.

When the Overheard Press contacted Miller to see if his thoughts had changed after 10 years, we were surprised to learn that his opinion has not changed at all.

“CrossFit may have continued to grow, but based on my YouTube research, the program is far too dangerous to last. Give it another year or two and it will have disappeared like all fads do.”