‘Fitness’ Model Almost Hits Full Depth in Squat

Delayney Vanderbilt today became the first fitness model in history to almost bring his hip crease below the top of his knee when squatting as part of a photo shoot for an upcoming advertising campaign.

Those on set reported widespread shock when Vanderbilt confidently moved past 60 degrees of knee flexion to stop at about 75 degrees—a position heretofore thought impossible in the fashion and advertising industries. The position so dramatically exceeded expectations that photographer DelMario Vincenzo was forced to halt the shoot to adjust his lighting and composition for the deeper-than-expected squat.

Vanderbilt, who said he avoids deep squats in training due to fear of injury, said he thought he might even be able to “go a little deeper” without tearing ligaments and tendons. He said he would only approach full depth while unloaded and stated that “not even a dump truck full of cocaine” could get him to break parallel with a barbell on his back.

“How am I supposed to walk down the runway in a wheelchair?” he asked.