CrossFit Games Hopeful: ‘Will Post Butt Shots for Non-Monetary Sponsorships’

After qualifying for the CrossFit Games California Regional,  competitor Stacey Blackwell has set her training regime aside to focus on what really matters––securing free stuff.

The 22-year-old athlete has offered to post shots of her scantly-clad posterior chain next to the products of her potential sponsors. Blackwell hopes the popularity of her social media accounts will result in offers for free supplements, clothing, and exercise accessories.

“Once I realized that the majority of my 15k Instagram followers were only there to see gratuitous images of me training in sports underwear, converting my dignity into free stuff was easy,” Blackwell explained.

Blackwell currently has only one sponsor, Fitbandz, which produces a variety of neon headbands designed with competitive exercisers in mind.

“Highlighting my Fitbandz sponsorship was a challenge for me, since my butt is usually pretty far from my head,” Blackwell said.

“I had to get creative to capture the product and display my assets in the same post. I opted for a Boomerang clip of me dancing in my underwear while opening the package of free Fitbandz. That got the job done.”

At the time of publication, Blackwell was in contact with multiple companies, including Beastly Bikini’s, Fit-Ade, and ROMgear.