Regional Event Remains Mystery Despite Dave Castro’s Announcement

Yesterday’s announcement of Regional events 1 & 2 by CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro has resulted in a combination of frustration and confusion from fans.

Castro revealed the events by publishing two videos on his Instagram account. In the videos, he scrawled illegible markings across a whiteboard with a blue marker. 

“When I heard Castro was announcing events on Instagram, I was excited,” said three-time CrossFit Games competitor Travis Mayer. “I had no idea he was going to write them in sanskrit.”

The videos quickly received attention from hundreds of thousands of viewers, most unsure of what they were looking at. Some fans posted their attempts to interpret Castro’s writing.

“I’m pretty sure that middle part says 12 air squats for time,” suggested one commenter.

“What is a 5.11 Vost?” asked another.

“I think Josh Everret’s name is in there near the end. Is he an event?” Inquired one Instagram user.

Thankfully, the CrossFit Games update show was quick to report on the announced events, putting the speculation to rest. We anticipate more TDC (Translate Dave’s Caligraphy) Challenges will be released this week as Regionals approach.