Fit Muslim Woman Shares Inspiring Before and After Photos

A young woman named Fatima from Saudi Arabia is inspiring people all over the world after posting photos showing her fitness transformation. The 28-year-old mother of two was challenged by friends to commit to three months of daily exercise and a clean diet.

The stunning results of her effort were posted to her instagram account and quickly went viral.

“I feel super confident about my body and feel absolutely at ease in my skin now,” Fatima told the Overheard Press. “Other women have started messaging me after seeing my photos. They can’t believe I have two babies and want to know what I did to get my abs back. I tell them the truth–– hard work.”

Keeping herself busy with all kinds of fitness routines ranging from running, aerial yoga, yoga, pilates to hardcore workout sessions in the gym, Fatima has shown women everywhere that working hard and eating well pays off.