CrossFit Games Critics: Variance Does Not Involve Different Things

With the release of the 2017 CrossFit Games Regional events, critics have taken to social media to chastise the company for this season’s programming.

CrossFit caused a stir during this year’s Open, which unlike previous years made frequent use of dumbbells. The recently revealed 2017 Regional events favor not only dumbbells, but also kettlebells and sandbags.

“The big question on everyone’s mind is ‘where are the barbells?’” wrote blogger and CrossFit Games critic Geoff McGarthy. “Constant variance is supposed to be a foundational tenant of CrossFit, So why aren’t the Regionals following a predictable pattern of always including barbells?”

The Overheard Press was able to confirm that 5 of the 7 events from last year’s Regional competition involved barbells. Strangely, we found no evidence of complaint about this lack of variance. That didn’t stop critics from accusing the company of ditching one of its core principles.

“It’s like they are purposefully trying to change things from year to year. Sadly this kind of hubris is typical for CrossFit HQ.” Wrote Patty Aucoin. “Leave it to Dave Castro to completely ignore the base of CrossFit’s own fitness pyramid, which is the barbell modality of training.”

Other users took to CrossFit’s Facebook and Twitter page to voice their concerns.

“Always finding new ways to test fitness makes the Games really predictable,” remarked one Facebook user. “The 2017 CrossFit Games season is broken, and the only prescription is more barbell.”

At the time of press, CrossFit had not responded to our request for comment. We speculate this is because they are too busy programming predictably novel events for the CrossFit Games.