Woman ‘Pretty Sure’ She’s Been to Gym She Gave 1-Star Review

Connie Wickmore isn’t the type of woman to let a small business get away with bad service. That’s why she’s taken to Google reviews to warn others about the negative experience she’s pretty sure she had at a local CrossFit gym.

Wickmore says her possible interaction with CrossFit Notoriety began when her husband bought her three trail classes at the gym for her 52nd birthday.

“In the first class I took, a young man using a microphone headset made us all step up onto a box over and over,” Wickmore recalled. “No one ever asked me if I was comfortable or if I needed to stop and get a drink of water. This place is a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

Her negative Google review details the rest of her nightmarish experience:

“The gym itself was clean, but it had an odd smell (like the smell of old hotel). The young man at the front wasn’t really interested in helping me use the equipment, and the towels were scratchy. The worst feature, which is downright depressing – if you like the stair master you have to lean forward to avoid sticking your head through the low ceiling…”

After her first group class, Wickmore was sore and angry. She knew from experience that someone else was to blame. About a month later, she took to Google reviews to make sure someone was brought swift justice.

Devon Sharpe, owner of  CrossFit Notoriety offered to comment on Mrs. Wickmore’s possible experience at his facility.

“We have no idea who Mrs. Wickmore is. She’s literally never been to our gym.”

When asked how certain she was of the identify of the business she was attempting to review online, Wickmore offered some clarifying comments.

“I remembered the gym had the word ‘fit’ in the name,” She explained. “But the important thing is I was able to get this burden off my chest and move on. I have peace now.”