Powerlifting Digest Editor Fired After Accidentally Doing CrossFit

Larry Tisdale, Powerlifting Digest associate editor (105-kg class, geared), was recently removed from his position for unknowingly performing a scaled version of the CrossFit benchmark workout Diane.

Shortly after an editorial meeting about supplements articles but before another editorial meeting about supplements articles, staff members witnessed Tisdale drop several boxes of pens, spilling the contents around the office.

Moving about the room methodically, Tisdale proceeded to bend over and pick up each individual pen. When he hit 21 pens, co-worker Johnny Bauers (83-kg class, currently serving two-year suspension) decided to end the excessive endurance workout before strength losses and the onset of rhabdomyolysis.

“OK, Larry. I think that’s enough CrossFit,” he said, stepping in front of Tisdale.

Tisdale, who had recently started a new cycle of trenbolone, instantly became infuriated and threw his hands in the air.

“He’s scaling the handstand push-ups!” screamed photographer Molly Johnson (63-kg class, raw) from across the room. “Security!”

Following a brief scuffle in which all participants immediately became very lightheaded and short of breath, Tisdale was informed that he had been terminated. He was escorted from the building after his recovery approximately 25 minutes later.

In his absence, colleagues continued to bend over and pick up the pens but did so only in sets of 3-5 pens, with at least 3 minutes of rest between sets.