Doctor Recommends Exercise After BMI Reveals Mat Fraser Is Obese

Dr. Jebediah Jones expressed grave concern Thursday after using precise measurements of height and weight to calculate Mat Fraser’s body-mass index.

Jones, a general practitioner of 32 years, slowly removed his glasses for effect before leaning forward and leveling with 2016’s Fittest Man on Earth.

“Mat, your BMI is 29.8, and you are essentially obese,” Jones said gravely. “You’re even more overweight than Rich Froning and Josh Bridges. You need to make some significant lifestyle changes immediately.”

Jones, whose BMI is 32.3, paused momentarily and sighed heavily, hoping his patient would grasp the gravity of the situation.

“We need to get you on a fitness program, Mathew, and we need to re-evaluate your nutrition.”

Fraser, listed as 5 foot 7 and 190 lb., was somewhat shocked by the doctor’s advice and immediately asked if CrossFit might help his condition at all.

“CrossFit is very dangerous. I don’t recommend squatting or deadlifting,” Jones said, shaking his head. “You want to get yourself a recumbent bike, and you need to reduce the fat in your diet immediately.

“If you don’t, you’re likely to remain obese and win the CrossFit Games again.”