Fitness Photographer Breaks Creative Boundaries With Unique ‘Through the Rings’ Photo

Professional fitness photographer Marcus Delihunty is rocking the world of art with his visionary images taken in CrossFit Gyms around the country.

Delihunty, who is based out of Saint Louis, is being praised as one of the most ground-breaking photographers of his generation for a series of ‘through the rings’ photos published on his social media accounts late last week.

“The brilliance of these visionary photos is found in the struggle to understand the human condition” said art critic Guillaume Stephane. “Is this a man exercising in a tunnel? Is the photographer inviting us to be voyeurs into another’s private training? When we look through the ring we are really looking through ourselves.”

Art critic Camille Mauclair offered similar phrase for Delihunty’s photos:

“Through the ring we see planets that don’t exist and landscapes that have only been dreamed. The athlete is merely a bait for the eye, inviting us into this tunnel through which reality unfolds like a blooming flower.”

Delihunty’s fellow photographers also praised his work.

“I’ve been a fitness photographer for over a decade, and it never even crossed my mind that you could take a photo through a ring,” admitted Paul James III. “Delihunty is just on a different level. This kind of creative genius only comes around maybe once every hundred years.”

Delihunty’s website,, has seen a dramatic increase in traffic over the last few days, and he has received over a dozen request from female, regional-level CrossFit athletes requesting nude photoshoots.