Update Show’s Pat Sherwood Pushes Pace on Event 2 Analysis, Tears Pectoral

Regional Event 2 has claimed another victim, this time tearing the pectoral muscle of CrossFit Games analyst Pat Sherwood.

During a live studio broadcast discussing the event, Sherwood was given the signal to speed up his commentary by an off-camera producer.

“I got the signal to wrap up the segment, so I know I was talking and moving a little faster than I normally do,” Sherwood told the Overheard Press. “As I finished talking, I reached for my new CrossFit coffee mug, and that’s when I felt it.”

Sherwood staggered away from the set, clearly in pain. The camera crew quickly cut to Rory McKernan talking about something unimportant, and Sherwood was treated for his injury. He managed to come back for the second half of the show wearing Kinesio Tape under his attractive and form-fitting Mizzen+Main dress shirt.

Dozens of social media users took to their various platforms of choice to offer their unsolicited expertise about what happened. One Twitter user speculated that Sherwood’s shoulder was “internally rotated” as he reached for his CrossFit coffee mug and suggested that the placement of the mug too far away from his midline was to blame.

Another commenter suggested that Sherwood’s poor movement combined with the increased intensity of his commentary was a recipe for

“One out of three Update Show announcers are out with torn pecs. That’s like a 60% injury rate, and nobody seems to care,” tweeted one fan. “And more importantly, how did they get Kinesio Tape to stick to Sherwood’s hairy back?”