Man With 10-Minute Fran Insists on Doing Thrusters Directly Under Shared Pull-up Bar

Happy man resting at his fitness club.

It’s been 3 days since Tim Clifton has performed the CrossFit benchmark workout “Fran” in his garage, and he’s confident that his next attempt will shave minutes off his time.

When Clifton arrived at his local CrossFit affiliate on the 29th, he was excited to learn that “Fran” was the workout of the day. While his previous attempts at the workout had routinely resulted in a time of over 10 minutes, Clifton believed changes to his strategy would be the key to an improved score.

“It’s all about bar placement,” Clifton said while finishing off a 32 oz. Gatorade. “If I can cut down on my transition times, I’ll go sub-5 easy.”

Not everyone in Clifton’s class shared his confidence.

“He does his thrusters in sets of 3,” noted witness Stacey Sharpe. “No strategy to reduce transition time is going to change the fact that he spends half his workout bent over the trash can.”

Witnesses said Clifton set up his barbell directly under a shared pull-up bar, surrounding himself with a water bottle, personal chalk supply, and a clif shot energy gel.

“He basically blocked off an entire section of the pull-up rig for himself,” said coach Vince Delgado. “Two minutes into the workout he was just staring at the pull-up bar, gasping for breath.”

“I just casually rolled his barbell back to the other side of the gym with everyone else’s.”