Athlete Who Failed to Qualify for CrossFit Regionals now Identifies as ‘Weightlifter’

CrossFit Regional-level competitor and GRID athlete Katrina Taylor has announced that she will begin transitioning to a full-time weightlifter.

Friends, family, and fans have all expressed support for Taylor after she made her decision public last week. Taylor’s announcement follows on the heels of her second year in a row of failing to qualify for Regionals.

“I want to stress that my decision to transition has nothing to do with my Open performance,” Taylor said. “This is about finally getting to be who I really identify as, and who I really identify as is someone who gets more attention for her athletic accomplishments.”

As part of her transition, Taylor left the CrossFit gym she previously trained at and has hired and online Olympic lifting coach to train her through Skype.

“This has everything to do with her Open performance,” said Sam Nichols, Taylor’s former CrossFit coach. “She’s just tired of losing. You could ask her what her favorite color is and she will start telling you about how training for the CrossFit Open gave her ‘adrenal fatigue’.”

As part of her transition, the 48kg lifters has begun a regiment of hormone-replacement therapy. She plans to make her debut in the American Open Series II later this Summer.