Fitness Model Nails Deadlift Setup

In a recent photoshoot for designer activewear, fitness model Jelena Rohda Bündchen was asked to pose for a movement she had never heard of–– The deadlift.

“With a little coaching from photographer DelMario Vincenzo, I nailed the position,” Said Bündchen, who specializes in holding pink dumbbells while wearing fingerless gloves.

Witnesses say photographer DelMario Vincenzo requested the position, though he warned Bündchen not to actually lift the weight off the ground.

“I wanted to capture the essence of the movement,” Vincenzo told the Overheard Press, “But I knew the deadlift is a dangerous movement that should only be performed by professionals.”

Cautiously, Bündchen, stepped up to the 25 pound barbell and took her position. After assistants touched up her waterproof makeup and sprayed her with another mist of fake sweat, the image was captured.

While Bündchen walked away unscathed, some have criticized Vincenzo for putting fitness models at risk.

“He has a history of pressuring models to get into positions they aren’t comfortable with,” said one industry insider who wishes to remain anonymous. “Earlier this year he pushed one fitness model to press dumbbells straight over his head. I don’t think the arms are even meant to move that way.”